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By accessing this website you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Preamble: ABEG provides services for property owners and tenants. To discuss properties are evaluated, processed under Construction Support Services and created the technical and commercial requirements for professional Rentals and sales of real estate.

ABEG procured to perform these tasks all available information about the object and places it in written and / or digital form available for interested parties: 1. Copyright on real estate information. This information is confidential and is intended only for the recipient. The ABEG claims the copyright for all documents it creates. Publication or transmission to third parties in digital, written or oral form is not permitted and requires the written consent of ABEG.

2. Fee claim. If a prospective buyer or retailer who composed the ABEG documents relating to a real estate object, said under item 3 of the fee claim ABEG is due if the object is purchased or leased. This evidence has one year validity. A brokerage contract within the meaning of the conditions mentioned here is expressly concluded between the prospective buyer or tenant and the ABEG when the ABEG makes an online offer on a website, based on a personal interview, a written request or a telephone call from the interested party. is submitted or an online offer and made use of this.

The ABEG is entitled to compensation in the amount of the fee if the property is purchased by a third party due to unauthorized, intentional or unintentional disclosure. A fee claim does not apply if it was expressly stated in the property documents or otherwise in writing that the ABEG does not have a fee claim for the property.

If the recipient is already familiar with the property, the ABEG must be notified of this immediately, stating the source of the information, otherwise the ABEG is still entitled to a fee. This also applies if the ABEG has the exclusive right of sale.

3. Fee agreement: For the activity described above, the ABEG receives a success fee in the amount of 5.95% of the total amount of the property specified in the purchase contract, 2.38 monthly rent including sales tax for renting. Different fees require a written agreement. The fee is earned and is due when the notary’s office notifies that all requirements for payment of the purchase price have been met and the associated request to pay the purchase price; when renting with the conclusion of the rental contract. Follow-up transactions by the buyer or by persons or companies associated with him with the owner are also subject to the fee obligation towards ABEG. ABEG is also liable to pay a fee for owners. The broker is entitled to secure his brokerage commission in the notarized purchase contract.

4. Disclaimer of liability: The ABEG endeavors to receive and name information that is as complete and correct as possible. Since the information and documents on the property were provided exclusively on the basis of information provided by third parties, no liability can be assumed for correctness and completeness, not even in parts, nor for any prior sale of the objects. ABEG is not liable for creditworthiness and in particular not for actual / target or target return or rent calculations and not for the completeness and correctness of lists and costs of defects. The completeness and correctness of the information cannot be guaranteed. The information is passed on to the best of our knowledge and belief. We do not assume any liability for damages of any kind that arise directly or indirectly from the use of the information or use of the website. Otherwise, liability is limited to willful intent and gross negligence.

5. Warnings: In the event of any legal violations in the content or in the blog of this website (e.g. copyright infringement), we require prior contact to avoid unnecessary legal disputes and costs in order to resolve the discrepancies as amicably and informally as possible. The cost of a legal warning will therefore be rejected as unfounded in the sense of the duty to mitigate damage if we have not been contacted beforehand and notified of any grievances. If you see your rights or the rights of those you represent infringed, please notify us. We are ready to remove any objectionable passages.

6. Links, banners, guest book: The correctness and completeness of the information on the pages that can be reached via links or banners on this page cannot be checked by us. The operators of the linked pages are solely responsible for their content. We declare that we have no influence on the design and content of external websites. When you post on the blog, please leave any statement that violates the law or otherwise interferes with the rights of third parties. We are not able to check all entries in a timely manner and are therefore not liable for entries from visitors.

9. Copyright, commercial use: The layout of the homepage as well as the prepared articles are protected by copyright. Copies require our prior written approval. Linking to our site is permitted. We refer to our data protection declaration and to your rights to revoke purchase or service contracts that have been concluded over the Internet: You can find the forms under Legal in the footer.

10. Editing, place of jurisdiction: ABEG Anlagen GmbH, represented by the managing director Henning Richter, Falkensteinstr. 13A in 34132 Kassel Tel. 0561/50811, Email: info @ abeg. de tax no. 025 228 01034. Changes and additions to these terms and conditions in individual cases must be made in writing to be effective. Oral side agreements are not valid. In dealings with merchants, the place of jurisdiction is Kassel. This offer is subject to German law.

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