About us
Foundation of ABEG Investment and Investment Company mbH as a holding company for several companies in the fields of IT technology, sports, printing and publishing and construction by Henning Richter, CEO. Later his son Marc Richter entered the company. Because of the length of the name, the company was later renamed ABEG Anlagen GmbH.

In order to improve controlling, the purchase of a computer system (medium data technology, PDP-8) was required. However, the programs supplied for this purpose did not meet our requirements, so that after some time we created the necessary programs with our own programmers. Since there were some participations in the construction sector, one of the largest program packages for the construction sector was created over time. Well-known companies such as Hochtief AG and Strabag AG were users of the programs with acquired group licenses. ABEG was the first company in Germany to obtain the GAEB certificate for data transmission in the area of AVA (tendering, awarding, billing).

Construction support
As a service, the areas of portfolio management, construction support and quality monitoring were built up nationwide via Germany with external employees. An organisation for quality supervision during construction is specifically concerned with the design and quality assurance of the construction of real estate properties.

Real estate
The technical and commercial examination (due diligence) of real estate or real estate portfolios, as well as the property management with tenant support and home service is carried out by ABEG at the request of the client, as well as the construction supervision and the renovation and renovation of real estate properties. Within this framework, ABEG also takes over the construction controlling for the supervision and execution of construction projects supported by public funds. The ABEG is authorised for this activity and for the brokerage of real estate in accordance with Section 34c of the Commercial Code.

FDA validations
Quality assurance of computer-aided manufacturing and management systems and their validations according to FDA guidelines (Food and Drug Administration) are another specialty in the field of management consulting. Here ABEG is mainly active for large companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

The realization that a long life with vitality depends mainly on nutrition and healthy living conditions has focused our focus on agriculture. The investments of ABEG’s main shareholder led to the purchase of an aronia plantation in central Poland, for whose products are currently being sold. The acquisition of the worldwide exclusive distribution and production rights of a special bag in box juice dispenser for aronia juice and a book on the „Health Aspects of AroniaBerry“ round off the product range in this area. The book was written by the main shareholder of ABEG with the evaluation of 140 scientific studies on the aronia plant and is distributed through the book trade.

Sale of yield objects
For several years, ABEG’s main activity has been the purchase and sale of real estate with a focus on investment properties, multi-family houses and commercial facilities. Due to its many years of activity in the field of architecture and construction, ABEG is a predestined partner for buyers and sellers. All real estate properties are presented with the help of videos from our own production.

Since January 2016, the various Internet portals operated by ABEG have been merged into the abeg.de website. Over the years, various holdings and companies have been sold. Today, the focus is on the marketing of larger properties, mainly of yield properties, which are previously renovated as part of the ABEG construction service and prepared for sale on own account.

Due to future technical developments in the energy sector, the production of radio-controlled infrared carbon radiators based on new nano-carbon technologies has been in operation since the beginning of 2020. A model house with a photovoltaic roof system was created.

As of February 2021